Yonex AS 20 Badminton Shuttlecocks

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Product Description
+ Yonex”s 2nd best selling feather shuttlecock
+ Mid-range shuttle at low price point
+ Ideal shuttlecock for club play
+ A great shuttle for league matches
+ Stored in superior facilities
+ Always stored correct way up
+ High grade feathers used
+ Not subjected to daylight or heat
+ Precision manufactured
+ Choice of three speeds

Speed 78 is a Yonex Speed 3

Direct Sports are the UKs number 1 shuttle supplier. We promise the lowest cost and delivery price. We always offer shuttles at the best prices but equally as important, the best quality. As badminton players we understand that storing the shuttles correctly is key to maintaining the quality. When we moved to our Wynyard facility in 2007 a shuttle policy was created to ensure correct storage, stock rotation and protection from heat, damp and daylight. This has reduced defective and poor performing shuttles to a negligible figure. We are proud to offer


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