You want to find the right cricket gear for you, in order to maximise your chances of success on the field. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Malik Sports is boasting an unrivalled choice of pro-quality cricket equipment at affordable prices. It is your one-stop cricket shop for cricket bats, junior cricket bats, clothing, protection, cricket balls and, well, pretty much everything you could possibly need to play cricket.

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    • Accessories and Bat Care

      Accessories and Bat Care (8)

      Our array of cricket accessories includes cricket bat accessories, , personal accessories. These items are easy to forget but are essential for effective protection and good practice. Shop now.
    • Batting Gloves

      Batting Gloves (17)

      Pro-quality Cricket Batting Gloves by Puma, Adidas, Gray-Nicolls, GM, Kookaburra, Newbery, Spartan, Slazenger and more.
    • Batting Pads

      Batting Pads (11)

      Unrivalled collection of pro-quality, great value cricket pads. Browse batting pads by Gray-Nicolls, GM, Kookaburra, Spartan and more
    • Cricket Bags

      Cricket Bags (24)

      Quality cricket bags (duffle bags, cricket kit bags, cricket rucksacks, cricket bat covers) by GM, Gray-Nicolls, Puma and more.
    • Cricket Balls

      Cricket Balls (22)

      Buy match cricket balls, training cricket balls, junior cricket balls &indoor cricket balls by Readers, Kookaburra and more.
    • Cricket Bats

      Cricket Bats (26)

      Browse the best choice of cricket bats online from Malik Sports. Great value, quality cricket bats for sale by famous brands - delivered worldwide.
    • Cricket Clothing

      Cricket Clothing (9)

      Unrivalled collection of pro-quality cricket clothing, including: cricket whites and cricket training clothing. Wear the best.
    • Cricket Footwear

      Cricket Footwear (10)

      Buy pro-quality cricket shoes, bowling boots and cricket footwear by famous brands like: Nike, GM, Asics and Adidas.
    • Cricket Helmets

      Cricket Helmets (21)

      Supreme cricket batting helmets by Masuri, Shrey, Gray-Nicolls, GM, Albion, Kookaburra, Puma, Hunts County & more.
    • Cricket Protection

      Cricket Protection (15)

      Pro quality cricket protection: thigh pads, inner thigh guards, arm guards, chest guards, boxes & Aero Stippers.
    • Ground Equipment

      Ground Equipment (3)

      Browse cricket ground equipment including scoreboards, bowling machines, stumps, ropes, sightscreens and more.
    • Junior Cricket Shop

      Junior Cricket Shop (54)

      Our Junior Cricket Shop has an unrivalled range of junior cricket bats, junior cricket clothing and junior cricket protection.
    • Wicket Keeping

      Wicket Keeping (8)

      Wicket keeping gear fit for the pros. Superior quality, affordable wicket keeping gloves and wicket keeping pads.